Sports & Exercise Nutrition

Online Course

Online Sports & Exercise Nutrition Course

Course Overview

This course is intended as a basic nutrition primer. Participants will gain a solid foundation in the basic principles of nutrition and will learn how these principles relate to health, training and sports performance.

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At the end of my course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the importance of different nutrients and how they affect health and performance.
• Identify beneficial sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
• Reflect on their current diet and identify areas for improvement.

Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for:

• Athletes of all sports
• Fitness enthusiasts
• People who do resistance training, HIIT training etc
• Coaches
• Parents of younger athletes
Who have a limited understanding of nutrition.

This course will help you to gain a greater understanding of:
• basic nutrition concepts
• the interaction between food, health, training, and performance
• how a poor diet can hinder health, training and performance
• how to make better food choices to support health, training and performance

Who should not take this course?

• Experienced athletes and coaches who already have a good understanding of sports nutrition.
• Sports dietitians and nutritionists

What will participants need to know or do before starting the course?

In order to complete this course, we ask that participants have an open mindset and are willing to make changes to their diet in order to improve their health, body composition and performance.

Course Outline


1. Carbohydrates

• Function
• Calories
• Food Sources
• Starchy vs Sugary Foods – when to eat
• Importance of Fibre

Bonus Content

• Guide to Carbohydrate Food Swaps

2. Protein

• Calories
• Food Sources
• Animal vs Plant protein
• Processed meats

Bonus Content

• Protein Food Swaps
• Guide to High Protein Animal Foods
• Guide to High Protein Plant Foods

3. Fat

• Functions
• Calories
• Food Sources
• Importance in Diet

4. Vitamins & Minerals

• Functions
• Sources
• Variety of foods
• Importance to Health and performance
• Examples:

• Calcium
• Iron
• Zinc
• Magnesium
• Vitamin D

5. Hydration (Part 1)

• % of water in the body
• Functions of water
• Sources of water
• Importance to health and performance
• Foods and beverages that affect hydration
• Importance of Temperature Regulation
• Practical Hydration Tips

6. Hydration (Part 2)

• Hydration Before, During & After Training & Competition

Bonus Content

• Practical Hydration Tips
• Weighing Protocol Sign for Dressing Rooms
• Urine Colour Chart for Determining Hydration

7. Nutrition & Training

• Stressing the body
• Adaptations
• Use of nutrition to promote adaptations

8. Energy Systems & Exercise Intensity

• Different fuel stores
• Capacity of fuel stores • Fuel usage at different exercise intensities

9. Energy Balance

• Energy Balance
• Energy Surplus
• Energy Deficit

10. Putting It All Together

• Organisation & Planning
• Shopping
• Varying food Intake based on training

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