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Platinum Package

Platinum Package - €600

Package Overview

The platinum package is geared towards serious athletes and exercisers who want to fine tune their nutrition and performance.

You will keep a seven day weighed food diary, three times over the course of a year. This allows us to accurately calculate current nutrient intake.

A weighed food diary will involve you weighing all your meals for 7 days. Send them to us and we will enter into our nutrition software for analysis.

Clients will also record their training type and calories burned for each training session.

Based on your training, performance and body composition goals, we will then create a balanced meal plan to help you achieve these goals.

Your meal plan will cover different training scenarios (e.g. weight training, pitch session, endurance, pre-competition, competition, rest etc), ensuring you're eating what you need on each day.


  • Meal plans so that you know what to eat for each meal on any given day.
  • 3 x 7 day meal plans over the course of 12 months. This allows us to create new meals plans as your training and body composition goals change.
  • 12 x 30 min consultations.
  • Recipes included (ingredients, instructions, macros).
  • Accurate calculation of your current dietary intake, allowing us to identify areas for improvement.
  • Report examining current nutrient intake against what you should be eating.
  • 100% digital and online - no paper, no waste.
  • Structured, easy to follow.
  • We include your current meals and recipes (as well as some of our own) so that the change is not overwhelming and you can continue to eat foods you're familiar with.
  • Twelve months access to library of recipes (120+) on the app , outlining ingredients, method, macros and videos showing how to cook.
  • Ask us questions anytime through app chat.
  • All communication through app - no checking emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages.
  • Highly targetted feedback to help you achieve training, sport and body composition goals.
  • Quick and efficient booking of consultations through app - no back and forth regarding availability.
  • Flexible payment options. Pay up front, or in four monthly installments (4 x €150).

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As an athlete, you want to train hard, compete and be successful. Nutrition will help you do that. Your nutrition requirements are determined by your sport, your training and your genetic make-up. Our goal is to make this process easy for you and provide you with the nutrition guidance and resources you need to excel. We have a range of consultation packages to suit your needs and budget. We cater for all sports.......

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